Limescale in your home

Protect your home from the damaging effects of limescale with a Twintec water softener

What is limescale?

You probably know already because you’ve seen deposits around your kitchen and bathroom surfaces! It is a white, powdery residue cause by the deposition of calcium and magnesium compounds that are present in hard water. It looks unsightly and is difficult to clean. Over time it can clog shower heads, and cause damage to appliances and hot water systems.

Why is limescale bad for your home?

Limescale in the home is undesirable for many reasons, each of which can be addressed by the introduction of a water softener.

The most visual impact of limescale in the home is the white powdery build up you may have noticed, particularly on sinks, chrome appliances and shower doors. This can be difficult to remove without harsh cleaning chemicals and looks unappealing.

Limescale can also clog your shower head. If you live in a hard water area, you may notice the efficiency of your shower degrades over time and is only restored through the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. With soft water, this problem is alleviated and your shower continues to flow as it should do.

But there are also undesirable effects of limescale that you can’t see! Your household appliances and pipes are also harmed by limescale. As it builds up over time, limescale reduces the flow of water along pipes and clogs taps and valves. It reduces the efficiency of - and can ultimately damage - appliances including your hot water system, washing machine and kettle. By removing the limescale, you protect your appliances from these harmful effects. They then work better, live longer and therefore cost you less money over their lifetime.

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