Your skin and hair

Luxuriously soft water for your family's skin and hair

Soft water is a luxury your family deserves. With so many benefits to soft water, why choose anything else?

Soft water with your skin and hair

By removing key minerals found in hard water, you and your family can benefit from soft water that will feel rich and soft when you wash and will feel kind to your skin and hair.

You may have experienced luxurious showers when you have travelled to places that are naturally served by soft water; your skin may have felt much softer and your hair more manageable. With a TwinTec water softener you can have enjoy this sensation every time you take a bath or a shower in your own home.

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"We have been using the TwinTec S3 with total satisfaction for over 5 years now. It is simplicity itself. The machine is small and unobtrustive, absolutely maintenance free and silent in use. I have owned a number of softeners, but never one as efficient as the S3"

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