How do they work?

Protect your home and your family with a Twintec water softener

How water softeners work

Water softeners protect your home and improve the quality of water by removing mineral that leave unslightly and damaging residues around the home.

It's common for water, particularly in hard water areas, to contain minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These enter the water as it travels through rocks and across the ground before entering our water supply. A common symptom of hard water is the powdery residue you may see in your home, known as limescale.

When water passes through a water softener these minerals are removed before the water flows through the pipes and appliances around your home. This process is performed using a resin which sits inside the device and collects the minerals. A softener periodically washes the collected minerals down the drain. This process is often called “regeneration”. The TwinTec knows when to do this because it is metering the volume of water it softens.

You don’t need to programme, service or maintain the TwinTec S3. All you need to do is occasionally replace 2 blocks of salt in the front of the machine - the softener does the rest for you.

Twin cylinder design

The TwinTec twin cylinder design was revolutionary to water softeners when it was introduced by the device's inventor Harvey Bowden.

By utilising two cylinders, the TwinTec water softener can perform both of its jobs simultaneously. As a result it is able to provide you with luxuriously soft water all day, every day. Most of the time both cylinders are softening your water but each cylinder is able to work independently. When the optimal amount of water has passed through a cylinder it regenerates, whilst the other continues to supply your home with soft water. Meaning you have a continuous supply of softened water.

This system is pioneered by us, and we have continued to invest both time and money into rigorous testing and improvement of the design. We ensure you have the highest standard and flow of water provided to your home via the most efficiently engineered process.

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